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Push Notification
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Push notifications provide a unique opportunity to earn revenue even when users aren't actively engaging with your app. Delivered directly to the device's notification tray, push notifications allow users to engage with the ads when they choose, greatly increasing earning potential.

How does
Push-notifications work

Popup notifications appear on the screen of the user's PC or smartphone


Video Slider is an easy integrate ad format with generates extremely higher revenue for publishers. Customer friendly ad format with no autoplay sound in the slider ads

  • — Premium video advertisers
  • — Easy to integrate into publishers content
  • — Extra revenue for publishers

An ad unit that slides onto the page and remains on top of the main content while the user is scrolling. Our functionality allows us to easily customize your video slider: make it mute, experiment with the size, and choose the best placement for showing up on the page. Ad unit size: customizable

Video slider

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Traffic monetization

Convert traffic from around the world in a steady income.

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Fresh ad format stimulates high response.

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Connect and configure your site in the system in a few minutes.

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We send you payments on request starting from 10 dollars.

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Personal approach and competent answers all questions 24/7.

Easy integration

Connect and configure your site in the system in a few minutes.

Detailed targeting

We select the audience to show any unique parameters

Antifraud system

We do not allow markups - only live, high-quality traffic

Any budget

Use our system with any budget from $ 50

High CTR

Compared to regular ad formats

Own base of subscriptions

We have our own database of loyal subscribers on push notifications

Unique format

Maximum visibility of notifications and minimum ignore

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